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Human Resources

The Privileges of Being With the Kristy Group

We see our employees as our most important capital. Our main goal is to be an institution where all our employees are proud and happy to be a part of.

We provide equal opportunities in the personal and professional development of our employees, and we display a people-oriented approach that considers the balance of work and private life. By offering all the advantages of being a member of the Kristy Group to our employees, we attach importance to increasing their motivation and loyalty to our institution.

Our target is to acquire the most qualified and suitable human resources for our corporate culture and ensure that good career planning systems and processes are used by contributing to the training and development of these human resources.



We consider our employees as one of the most important parts of our organization and we offer an inclusive and integrative environment, in which they can work together in unity.

Recruitment Process

We accept every candidate applying for a job at Kristy Group as a part of this family and subject them to equal and fair evaluation processes without any discrimination. We inform every candidate who applies to Kristy Group at every stage of the process and provide clear, precise, and understandable feedback to the candidates.

Constant Development

Recognizing the importance of continuous development today, we empower our colleagues to achieve their personal and professional development goals by offering different training opportunities.

Appreciation and Rewarding

We care about our colleagues working with the same enthusiasm every day and spread their positive energies around them. Therefore, we create work environments, in which all of our colleagues are fairly appreciated and rewarded.

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It is ensured that the most suitable candidate is found and placed in the open positions within the framework of the competencies required by the position. Open positions are announced on career websites and publications, and on the websites of our holdings and partners. All applications can be accepted and managed by our advanced database. Interviews are held with eligible candidates within certain processes. Interviews are supported by company- and position-specific structured competency-based interviews and inventory tests. In all our meetings, we adhere to processes and display an objective approach.

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